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Kweekkassen is a registered and approved member of over 130 auction houses around Japan giving you direct access to the auctions.To gain access to over 150,000 cars and trucks available through the Japanese Auction network, please click on the following and register.

We have two third party auction search sites for our customers to use. Both sites display the same vehicles with the only difference being the site layout
as we find some customer like/prefer one layout over the other.

Please feel free to try both auction search sites, you will need to register for each by clicking on the following, 

Once you have registered as a member you will receive your own login and password.


New Brave Auto Customers - if you would like to gain full unlimited access (more search features, ability to bookmark vehicles, translation of auction inspection sheets & submit online bids etc), you are first required to pay a 50,000yen deposit (refundable) prior to ensure that you are a genuine buyer and will then gain full access. For further information, please us at 

[email protected]

Previous Brave Auto Customers - will be given full access and no deposit is required prior to placing bids. You will still need to register and once you have done this, please let us know and we will upgrade your membership to dealer, any questions please feel free to us.

For details of our auction agents fee, please click




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